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Currently Offering Two Amazing Courses:

Healthy Habits

Get your health to be a part of your life that you just have figured out. Designed for beginners and those who are working to establish solid habits in sleep, diet, exercise, and sports training. I'm offering this as a digital coaching program so you get my personal 1-on-1 help.

Master Handstand System

See what your body is capable of. Don't struggle for years in intermediate purgatory. The Master Handstand System exceeds the quality of education that you receive with in person private instruction. Here you'll master a perfect gymnastics handstand without ever feeling lost.

About the Author

Jacob Haugen BSc

Jacob Haugen received his degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan. He specialized in research about motor learning. He is a state champion gymnast and has coached and trained with hundreds of students at all levels from gymnasts to grandmas. 

His friendly and motivational style will help you find your health both easy to understand and fascinating.

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