Master The Perfect Handstand

Feel confident and proud of your physical ability, impress yourself and others, and have fun with your training while you stay safe.

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Explore The Master Handstand System: 

This step-by-step program guides you like a private gymnastics coach, with progressions, feedback, and focused workouts: 

Module 1: Confident Bail

  • Get your first handstand with confidence by following along with a progression that never makes you feel scared or uncomfortable 
  • Bust through your fears by learning how to safely exit a handstand with ease
  • Land softer than a feather every time by leveraging the secret method of controlling your body in the air
  • Don't get lost in the air by getting walked through the precise hand movement

Module 2: Stacked Position

  • Stack your body like a tower of perfectly aligned LEGOS over your hands using two critical cues that make it practically impossible to NOT have perfect form
  • Get yourself off the wall so you don't spend months superglued to its support. If you get this 1 detail right it will save you weeks of agony.
  • Instantly improves your balance with a little known change and simple to your position.

Module 3: Consistent Kickup

  • Switch from the wall to the open floor without losing a beat. Taking this insider approach will save you months of frustration.
  • Control the power of your kickup using the "kickup power formula" (controlling this allows you to finally make your kickup consistent)
  • Stop your handstand perfectly at vertical every time by discovering the handstand "breaks" that all gymnasts learn

Module 4: Fighting Framework

  • Feel balanced no matter what is going on with your body by learning to engage the exact counterbalances you need to stay upright
  • Hold your handstand for longer than a few seconds. If you don't know this simple adjustment you're always going to be aiming in the wrong direction.
  • Use your entire body as one synchronized system though our step-by-step setup for each part of your handstand. 

Module 5: Handstand Mastery

  • Get a perfect handstand everytime and make balancing effortless through same mental model world class gymnasts focus on while they're holding their handstand for minutes on end.
  • Set yourself in the top 1% of handbalaners in the world. Discover the 5 hidden finesse points that make your handstand go from average to tantalizing.
  • Gain the X-factor of athletic grace by learning how to find zen in your handstand so the position becomes a meditative move to get in touch with your body.

Why Use The Master Handstand System?

Hold a Handstand Anywhere, Anytime

A handstand empowers you. The feeling of the ground under your hands and body balanced effortlessly above you lights your spirit up.

Get Stunning Form

This is NOT the handstand you see amateurs doing. It a magically consistent handstand that looks badass. You can hold it for as long as you want.

A Program You'll Stick With

This fits into your current training. The workouts require no equipment and they take less than 20 minutes.

Learn in Weeks, Not Years

It'll feel like having a private coach there with you 24/7. By the end, you'll be ready to move to advanced progressions like handstand pushups, presses, and even one arm handstands.

Be Proud of Your Physical Ability

Captivate your friends, impress yourself, get solid proof that you've gotten stronger, and push your training to a new level by challenge your fear.

Take Control of Your Body

Develop athletic grace and balance, make training more fun, and gain a new perspective on the world (literally).

How it Works

The Ideal Way To Learn a Handstand

Step 1: Seamless Progression

Go from zero to a handstand with a progression that teaches you safely and guarantees your progress.

Step 2: Score Your Form

Reveal your hidden form issues by recording a video of your form and breaking it down using a scorecard or sending it in for personalized comments.

Step 3: Specific Workout

Get results with a follow along workout designed for your exact problems. 


What some of our students are saying

"It’s a great program and even in the two modules I’ve done I’ve improved 10 fold!"

Maddi S.

"It's very well done. Your instructions are very clear and there are even some hints and tips that I haven't heard elsewhere (and I've been following quite a few handstand tutorials and courses)."

Luzian S.

"I've progressed faster in the last two months than my friend who has been training for the last two years. It's not like I even worked that hard. I just trained whenever I had time. The right approach made all the difference"

Alicia P.

About the Author

Jacob Haugen, BSc

Hi - I’m Jake and over the last decade I’ve taken hundreds of handstands from average to masterful. I am a state champion gymnast and I graduated with distinction in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan. 

I’ve used every ounce of knowledge from my decade of gymnastic experience, Kinesiology degree, motor learning theory, and years of trial and error to put together the best system that has ever been created for learning a handstand.


Isn't This Expensive When I Can Get This On Youtube For Free?

This works where youtube videos fail. It guides your practice, giving you the second by second detail needed for you to master the handstand as fast as possible. It will tell you how your form is wrong, give you the best solution to fix it, and then pace and push you to the next level. It's for people who want the best form and don't want to leave their health up to chance.

Private lessons cost $50-$100 per hour and you'd need several hours of instruction to get the same result you'd get from this. For the price of 1-2 lessons, you get the same high quality, personalized instruction but with a guarantee of results. With a private lesson, once you spend the money it's gone. 

Is A Handstand Dangerous?

Handstands are an extreme move. But they can be learned safely by yourself. We teach you how to stay safe when you're practicing a handstand and how to care for your joints and muscles so you avoid injury and keep getting stronger and braver.

What If I'm Not Strong Enough Or I Have An Injury?

The course has a section for you if you have an injury or worry that you're not strong enough. The included prep routine is a series of exercises that prepare your body for a handstand without you having to actually hold one.

What If I'm Too Busy To Train?

Handstands do take time to learn. That being said, we've made the program as efficient as possible. The workouts take just 20 mins and can fit into your existing training as a substitute shoulder exercise. Shorter prep routines, which take less than 5 minutes, are also included. These keep you moving forward even on your busiest day.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Handstand?

It's self paced. You are in control. The time it takes you to complete the course will depend on your unique starting point. On average, we've found that a moderately fit beginner can achieve a 15 second handstand by the end of 12 weeks.

What If I Don't Like The System?

If you don't see results within 30 days, just let us know and we'll refund your money.


We’re willing to make a guarantee like this because we are confident that our system works. Worst-case scenario, you get the money back. Best-case scenario, you have the handstand of your dreams.

Master Your Handstand

Compare Your Possible Paths

Master Handstand System

Get a feeling of the ground under your hands and body balanced effortlessly above you in weeks, not years, without changing your routine for the cost of a private lesson.

  • 63 Progression Steps
  • 5 Unique Scorecards
  • 33 Plateau Busting Workouts
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Over 5 Hours of Content
  • Guaranteed Handstand



By Yourself

Kickup over and over again and hope that you get a handstand, eventually. If you're an adult, you can't buy this level of education anywhere because many gymnastics gyms won't teach adults.

  • Get random tips on YouTube
  • Randomly guess at what you're doing wrong
  • Waste time during workouts and risk injury
  • Take months to years to progress
  • Plateau and risk giving up 



Your Life With A Master Handstand

Imagine showing up to the gym, knowing exactly what to do and that you will have a great workout where you’re sweating, motivated, and genuinely enjoying your training. You can kick up and hold the world above your head with your feet balanced effortlessly over your hands. It's fun to workout.

With a handstand, you are an athlete. You are confident in your body. You are strong and flexible. A handstand gave you total body awareness, a sense of athletic grace.

Because with a handstand, you have an entire world of amazing moves opened up for you. Not just for yourself, but from the people you meet with a handstand.

Picture going to the park with some friends and practicing your amazing handstand. You have complete control. It's flawless and you know you are nailing it. When you kick up into a handstand, you attract other amazing people, who you inspire because they can see your dedication and the fun you bring to life. 

Get Upside Down Now! Test out the first lesson for free. No Credit Card Required!